Partnering with Parents

What are our shared understandings?

在bob综合体育平台下载,我们知道我们都在进步,我们都有与生俱来的尊严 and the potential to grow and pursue our true north. 当我们说女孩被召唤去成就伟大,并激励他人成就伟大, 我们借鉴了基督教的人的人类学, understanding that each of your daughters 
  • 有学习、成长和追求真理的能力(veritas), to develop greatness of mind;
  • 是一个灵魂的化身,独一无二,不可复制,被上帝无条件地爱着,并被邀请去 grow in relationship with Him and with others, to develop authentic love (caritas) and greatness of heart;
  • 是自由的,并且必然会在课堂内外犯错误. She has the capacity to accept responsibility, seek forgiveness, make amends, 在理解和成熟中成长,她需要使用她的自由。libertas) well, so she can develop greatness of character.

How do we collaborate with parents?

bob手机体育下载的教师和导师是您女儿教育的重要伙伴. 鼓励家长帮助女儿掌握学习的主动权,在遇到学术问题时直接与老师联系,并在需要时向导师咨询. 我们的目标是与您合作,支持您女儿的成长和成熟.  

At the same time, we invite you to reach out to us. We work to build authentic, 与家长建立合作关系,并为家长提供丰富内容,包括工作坊, the LifeCompass Speaker Series, blog posts,静修和信仰形成的机会,以及在线资源. 我们的教师和导师在个别会议上与家长见面, small group discussions and larger conferences.

We believe every parent is a primary educator, steward and ambassador of the School.

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  • What is a primary educator?

    Parents are our students’ primary--their first and most important--educators and we support you in your crucial formative work.  Our Life罗盘演讲系列为父母们提供了独特而持续的机会,让他们学习如何在自己崇高的职业中成长. Specifically, 它们旨在帮助您帮助您的女儿掌握自己的学习,并在代理和负责任地使用他们的自由中成长, as they navigate life’s ups and downs.
    Parents are responsible for the moral and spiritual upbringing of their children and the choice of school that complements this effort.  bob手机体育下载致力于在这方面与家长合作. That said, 学院专注于做自己擅长的事情——在单一性别环境中提供优秀的文科教育,使年轻女性能够茁壮成长, academically and spiritually.  
    虽然学校是一个自然的环境,让我们的bob综合体育平台下载和茁壮成长的社会,我们尊重 父母在女儿的社交和情感发展中所起的主要作用. As their first and most important educators, 父母必须承担并承认他们总是比学校做得更好的事情——在社会交往中给予孩子健康的教育, relationships, dating, intimacy and sexuality education. 学校为家长提供这些主题的精选资源.
  • What does it mean to be a steward of the School?

    Our parents are important stakeholders in the School, 支持其财政健康和长期可持续性. 作为一所由家长和专业教育工作者创办的学校, 我们依靠父母对年度基金的参与和支持, at whatever level is appropriate, of our annual auction or gala and in some years, our major gift campaigns. 我们非常感谢父母用他们的时间管理我们的使命的无数方式, talent, treasure and/or in kind contributions. All of these efforts have a direct, 对学生体验产生积极影响,使我们能够将其传递出去.   
  • What does it mean to be an ambassador of Montrose? 

    我们的父母知道如何与人沟通是什么让bob手机体育下载与众不同——它的使命和对他们女儿生活的影响. 我们指望家长们讲述bob综合体育平台下载的故事,并带来同事, neighbors and friends to the School.  我们也邀请家长参加入学活动,欢迎新的家庭.  Parents are our best ambassadors.  
    bob综合体育平台下载的创始人一直希望bob综合体育平台下载是一个地方, 在那里,父母有很多机会和其他父母交朋友——在比赛的间隙, at plays and events. To this end, bob综合体育平台下载家长协会为家长们提供了参加年级社交活动的机会, school community events and volunteer opportunities. 有很多场合可以成为一名大使,并从友谊中受益.
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A. RAE simpson,博士,麻省理工学院父母教育和研究主任

我真的很喜欢了解bob综合体育平台下载,我从来没有去过一所肩负着如此非凡使命的学校. 你们对父母的承诺,以及在青春期教育年轻女性的整体方法,确实是独一无二的.
*Seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Life and Dignity of the Human Person
  • Call to Family, Community, and Participation
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
  • The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers
  • Solidarity
  • Care for God's Creation